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The Vajrasana for Weight Loss & Digestion


Vajrasana is a pose which is really helpful for your health if you do it regularly. the name comes from the word Mantra in Sanskrit which means Diamond or Thunderbolt and asana means pose. yoga practice is really very popular right now because of it’s so many benefits to your body and also to your mind. And Vajrasana is one of them.

If you do these yoga practices everyday then your health will be perfectly fine throughout your life. Vajrasana also has so many benefits of it and also you can gain the peace in your mind which you seek for a very long time. generally several other asana can be done in this pose like Pranayama and anulom vilom.

The Vajrasana for Weight Loss & Digestion

This pose is exceptional because generally you need to stay empty stomach while doing any of Asana but it is an exception in that area because it is more effective when you are full after eating.

Vajrasana also helps to increase your digestion and Stomach problem can be solved by this pose. So if you want a great digestion system and be healthy throughout your body then vajrasana is the perfect pose for you.

It is a very simple asanas and it can be done by anyone even if he/she is a beginner and that is the beauty of it. The ease of doing it. And also the benefits are very long term. And you need to try it if you want a healthy body.

The Advantages Vajrasana:

There are so many advantages of this pose as it is one of the most simple pose among all the other Asanas. and these benefits are for a better health and also for a better concentration power. The advantages are so many and you need to know the benefits before doing anything.

The Vajrasana for Meditation & Concentration

First of all it is very good for the people who go through improper Digestion System and it increases the digestive power in the body to a certain level and reduce the Constipation problems. This yoga pose also reduces the menstrual cramps if you do it regularly.

For the people who go through some problem regarding their lower back or fined they can also do it after consultation of their doctors because this post is really helpful for the people to strengthen their lower back.

It is the primary pose of doing meditation and if you do meditation in this pose then the effect will be very good. So after knowing all the advantages you are set to go to start doing yoga everyday.

And if you practice yoga everyday your mind and body both will be at your own control and it is the best part of doing yoga and also your beauty will increase in a great manner.


Precautions for Vajrasana:

Vajrasana is a very safe pose but some precautions should be taken for exceptional cases. for the people who had gone through some any operation or have some problem in their knees then they need to avoid doing this pose.

the pregnant women should keep their needs a bit apart to avoid the strain on their abdomen area. The people who have any kind of problem regarding their spinal column should avoid this pose.

And if anyone is suffering from any other medical problem then they should consult their position before performing this.

The beginners who are not so much bro at Yoga practices should stay patience regarding this because if this strain their body too much then the benefit out of it will be decreased.

At first you need to strengthen your lower body part so that the stress is not on your breathing and lower back because it can be fatal if the strangers to your lower body part.

And after practicing for quite a few times you can be able to do this for 30 minutes at a stretch but at first you need to start for a lower time span. So you need to be very cautious before doing this because in some health problems this asana is meant to be avoided.

How to do Vajrasana:

How To Do Vajrasana

Now the question is how to do this asana and what is the correct procedure to execute it and get the highest output out of it.

To perform this asana, at first you have to kneel down and keep your lower legs backward and keep them together. Your toes should be in a cross manner throughout the Asana.

Then you need to lower your body in such a way in which your buttocks will rest on your toes and your thighs will rest on your calf muscles.

you need to keep your hands on your knees and look forward with your spine completely straight. now you need to concentrate on your breathing and keep the pose for around 5 or 10 minutes at least.


Vajrasana is very effective if you want to live a healthy life on your own and avoid all the health problems at once. It is very helpful for digestion problems and because of that it is allow to do after taking a meal.

vajrasana is the most simple pose among all other poses. But at first beginners face some problems regarding the pose as the knees and legs start hurting. But if you practice it regularly then you will surely be a pro at it.

It will also strengthen your lower back in a certain extent that you will take to go to a full pleasured yoga practice. And yoga won’t hurt you anymore.

The Yoga practice is very much important in this Era. Because of excessive stress among the human beings. And for that reason you need to practice set for your own good and for your own beauty.

Best Yoga Mate

Thanks for Reading “The Vajrasana for Weight Loss & Digestion” and hope you like this post. If you like so please lets us know in the comment below and stay connected for more Health and fitness tips and trick.

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