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Best 13 Healthy Eating Habits

Good and Healthy Eating Habits is one of the biggest blessing and the largest wealth anybody can have. The greatest asset you can have is a good health.

Healthy Eating Habits

The secret of maintaining good health lies in improving the nutrition intake and making a sensible and nutritious diet for your body.


The unhealthy and junk food largely affects our heart and makes you prone to various chronic diseases. Dieting is usually for a short-term and our old eating habits soon return leaving us demoralized.

Limiting the nutrition intake is not good for the human body and doesn’t help in weight reduction. Many people who struggle with their health and weight cut down their food intake.

But in the end, they end up having no success in the improvement of health and reduction in weight. This is because the reduction in food intake not only weakens the body but makes you tired and lethargic.

Making a healthy food choice not only makes you feel full stomach but also gives you lots of energy and stamina. You will feel good, happy and fresh all the time & healthy eating facts.

Here are some of the healthy eating habits that one should adopt on a long-term basis for a healthy living:

Habit #1: Never skip meals especially Breakfast

Ensure eating at fixed schedules. This will enhance your body metabolism. If you skip meals then you may end up eating more or may choose junk food instead.

Unfixed schedules will lower your body metabolism and you may end up accumulating more calories in your body rather than burning them.

Habit #2: Pack healthy lunch and healthy snacks for work

Ensure that the lunch boxes and evening snacks you pack for work should be healthy.

Avoid junk food in the office.  Avoid packets of snacks, instead, put them in a plate and eat them.

This will control extra eating.

Habit #3: Eat at least one meal with family in a day

Always plan at least one meal every day with family on a dining table.

This will help you to plan a healthy nutritious diet for you and your family.

Focus on a nutritious diet.

meal with family

Eating Habit #4: Measure your daily calories

Download a calorie counter in your Smartphone and make a note of everything you eat and drink every day. This will help to control your eating and you will finally end up avoiding high-calorie foods and unhealthy options.

Habit #5: Choosing healthy eating at a Party:

Try this whenever you are at the social gathering:

  • Think before filling your plate.
  • Look for a healthy option before filling your plate.
  • Fill your plate in one go and stand aside from the buffet table, instead of filling little quantities and going to the buffet table again and again.

Habit#6: Increase the intake of Seasonal fruits in your diet

Seasonal fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are a good source of antioxidants that kill harmful free radicals in your body responsible for aging and various chronic diseases like heart problems, arthritis etc.

Try to take at least one serving of cut fresh seasonal fruits in your daily diet.


Habit#7: Limit the intake of processed packet food

The packed ready to eat foods are made for our convenience.  They require minimum or no cooking time but they are poor in nutritional value. These foods contain preservatives, coloring, and chemicals that are not good for human health.

The packaged foods are higher in fats, sugars, and calories and tend to increase your weight. Prepare your meal with unprocessed food on daily basis. This food made in your kitchen is high in nutrition value.

Healthy Eating Habit #8: Eat healthy portion sizes

Your plate should be filled quarter with lean proteins, another quarter with whole grain and rest with salads. Always try to avoid overeating. Eat little less in dinner than in lunch as after light dinner you tend to sleep tight. Make good food habits

healthy portion sizes

Healthy Eating Habit#9: Take low-fat dairy products

Instead of taking full cream milk, switch to toned milk that is low in fat. Prepare yogurt and cheese from toned low-fat milk. Low-fat dairy products provide the same amount of proteins but with less fat.

Healthy Eating Habit #10: Take whole grain foods in your meal

Whole grain foods are rich in nutrition and high in fiber. They not only help in reducing weight but also lower the bad cholesterol level in the blood.

Whole grains increase the glycemic index of the blood thereby making you feel full for a longer time and increases the stamina and provides more energy than the refined food. It’s basic nutrition tips.

Eating Habits #11: Switch to healthy cooking methods

Try the following cooking methods to retain the nutrients of the food:

  • Grill or barbeque
  • Use minimal oil and stir-fry
  • Use healthy oils like olive oil or rice bran oil
  • Steam vegetables
  • Minimal use of salt, try herbs, mango powder, lemon, spices instead.
  • Use balsamic vinegar or lemon juice
  • Cook sauces at home instead of packed ones
  • Avoid deep frying
  • Avoid boiling until discoloring


Habit #12: Keep looking from a healthy recipe book or on the Internet

A good cook is the one who not only try the different options but also look for healthy options. Take a regular look at recipe books or recipes on the internet and try them at home.

Sometimes, just cook for yourselves.

Healthy Eating Habit #13: Alywas Enjoy your meals

Sit, relax and enjoy your meal. If you are in hurry, instead of eating too fast, pack the food and take it along with you to eat on the way. Never eat food too fast. Improper or little chewing will not digest your food.

Thanks for Reading “Best 13 Healthy Eating Habits” and hope you like this post. If you like so please lets us know in the comment below and stay connected for more Health and fitness tips and trick.

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